Tomorrowland Festival, Belgium

Tomorrowland is the largest electronic music festival in the world. Every year in the small town of Boom, near Antwerp, Belgium, they celebrate this spectacular festival of music. This festival stretches over two weekends. The festival’s popularity is beyond your imagination. The tickets for the festival are sold out in minutes. You might think electronic music is not your thing. But this festival is much more than an electronic festival. People from all around the world come to celebrate this festival. The best DJs come to perform here. This festival has mixes of the best songs ever.

So, if you think this is just a festival of techno or electronic music, you should get ready to change your idea about Tomorrowland.

What is Tomorrowland Festival?

Tomorrowland is the world’s largest electronic music festival. They celebrate this festival in the small town of boom in Belgium. This festival has camping ground in Dreamville. Dreamville is a vibrating city that welcomes a huge number of attendees of this festival. They say that this city is where international friendships are made. The festival-goers who stay at Dreamville eat, sleep and enjoy their five-day experience there. The name of this festival is worth it. The best DJs around the world come to perform here. One can have an amazing experience here by meeting new people, eating new food, listening to new music. Tomorrowland is like a different world on its own. This festival is a heaven for electronic music fans. Also, people who don’t listen to this genre will find it amazing.

In short, if you are an adventure lover and like to meet new people, this festival is for you.

Tomorrowland Festival, Belgium

Some Key Facts about the Tomorrowland Festival, Belgium:

  • The first Tomorrowland festival took place for one day. But now it stretches over two weekends.
  • This is the most sought after a music festival in the world. The tickets for this festival sell out within minutes. Even after they stretched the music festival over two weekends, they sold all the tickets within an hour.
  • The biggest selling Tomorrowland anthem till this date is the ‘Tomorrow/Give into The Night’.
  • The fans voted Tomorrowland the ‘Best Music Event’ at the International Dance Music Awards for five years along.
  • Tomorrowland partnered with Brussels Airlines to provide special travel packages from fifteen destinations for the attendees.
  • There is a library at the flea market section of Tomorrowland where you can drop by to read a book.
  • Tomorrowland organizers rent the site from the local farmers to set up the festival grounds.
  • Every edition of this Festival has a unique theme that takes fans on a magical journey.
  • This festival has a make-up salon where ‘the angel of beauty’ will give you a makeover.

Tomorrowland Festival (2022), Belgium Overview:

Tomorrowland is the largest electronic music festival in the world. This festival is not a typical electronic music festival. This is a mini world itself. Tomorrowland music festival is not only the largest but also the most popular music festival out there. There is a vibrant city attached to this festival. After an entire day of music and party, the attendees can go to the vibrant city. Its name is Dreamville. The attendees can camp there. This city is where international friendships are made. You can arrange accommodation there with any budget. The festival has a marketplace, restaurants and a make-up salon in its vibrant city.

Also, the beauty of Belgium will surprise you. In brief, this festival is a land of magic and drams. Even if you are not a fan of electronic music, you will be a fan of the Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland Festival, Belgium

What is the History of Tomorrowland Festival, Belgium?

The first festival of Tomorrowland took place in 2005 for one day. It attracted a crowd of 10,000 people. To create more buzz of the debut edition and fill up the grounds, the organizers gave out free passes to the festival. The third edition of Tomorrowland took place in 2007. The festival lasted for two days for the first time then. The fourth edition of the festival took place on 26 and 27 July 2008. For the first time, over a hundred DJs took part in the festival. The number of visitors exceeded fifty thousand. 

The sixth edition of Tomorrowland sold out days before the event, with a record attendance of 120,000 visitors over two days in 2010. They nominated the festival for the Best Music Event by the International Dance Music Awards in 2011. The same year the festival’s 8th edition took place. And it stretched for three days for the first time.

In 2019, for its fifteenth anniversary, Tomorrowland’s main stage theme was ‘Book of Wisdom’, same as the year before. 

Tomorrowland Festival, Belgium

When is Tomorrowland Festival?

Every summer, usually in July this festival takes place.

Because of the pandemic outbreak, there will be no celebration of this festival. Instead, the virtual celebration called ‘Tomorrowland Around the World’ will take place on 19th-16th March. In 2022, the event will take place on Fri, July 22 to Mon, August 1.

Where is Tomorrowland Festival (2022)?

Tomorrowland takes place in a small town of Belgium called Boom. It is near the city of Antwerp.

Essential Tips to Help You Enjoy the Tomorrowland Festival, 2022 Belgium:

  • The most important thing is the tickets. Check out the website of Tomorrowland and know when the tickets will be out. Book the tickets as soon as possible. Remember, the tickets for the festival are always sold out within minutes.
  • Choose your accommodations early and carefully. Without staying in a comfortable place, you will not be able to enjoy the festival to its fullest.
  • Take your id and passport with you. These are very important in the festival.
  • Take care of yourself. The festival will be a hectic event.
  • Take your country flag with you and wave it around.
  • Wear your best festival clothes and shoes at the event.
  • Don’t rush over the front of the stage. From the back, you will get to see a fantastic view. Where else can you see so many people and colors together?
  • Try the tasty foods of the festival’s ‘Market Place’. Don’t forget to taste the famous chocolates of Belgium.
  • Don’t forget to make ‘international friendship’ at Dreamville city.

Safety Concerns During the Tomorrowland Festival, 2022, Belgium:

  • Just like any other strange place, take some general safety measures at the Tomorrowland.
  • Don’t take drugs with you. The authorities are strictly against it. You will be asked politely to leave the festival if you carry any.
  • No need to take cash at the festival. Tomorrowland is a cashless festival.
  • Take sunglasses and sunscreen with you.
  • In a hectic place like Tomorrowland look for yourself. Have patience. And be in a hectic crowd for too long. Otherwise, you might get crashed.
  • Keep your valuables in a safe place.

Other Things to do at the Tomorrowland Festival, 2022, Belgium:

  • The ‘Love Chapel’! Don’t forget to visit the love chapel. I will not tell you much about it. Surprise yourself on your own.
  • The food at this festival is so delicious, you will love it. Taste it as soon as you get there.
  • Don’t forget to buy ‘Boozebag’. Buy some vodka-soda with it.
  • If you are a reader, try visiting the festival’s own library.
  • Watch the Tomorrowland ‘After Movie’.

Wow! This looks like a spectacular event. Here you can join the music festival, eat delicious food, meet new people and make new friends. Sound more like an adventure than a festival. If you are an electronic music festival, you will love this festival. All your favorite DJs are gathering here to perform for you. Even if you are not a fan of the techno genre, you will still love the experience. And if you are planning to go, hurry up. The tickets don’t stay out there for too long.

Most Asked Questions about the Tomorrowland Festival, 2022 Belgium:

Q. Where is Tomorrowland?

Answer: In boom, Belgium.

Q. When is the Next Tomorrowland Festival?

Answer: In 2022, the event will take place on Fri, July 22 to Mon, August 1.

Q. Is Tomorrowland Festival worth the money?

Answer: Indeed. This is the best music festival out there.

Q. What is the largest electronic music festival in the world?

Answer: Tomorrowland Festival, Belgium.