Baltimore Washington Airport (BWI)

Baltimore Washington Airport (BWI)

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Baltimore–Washington International Airport Guide:

Baltimore–Washington International Airport is a home for Southwest Airlines. Being a hub for business and leisure travel in the United States, this airport serves as the main gateway for military personnel in that area. Serving more than 27 million passengers annually this airport is the 22nd busiest airport in the United States. In the National Capital Region, this airport is the busiest one.

This airport has 5 concourses with 70 gates. 4 of them are arrive only gate. Concourse A and Concourse B are now in a one merged concourse. Southwest Airlines uses Concourse A/B. The cargo concourse of this airport covers a 395,000 sq. ft (36,700 m2) area.

This airport has now three asphalt airways. These runways are 3,201 meters, 2,896 meters and 1,524 meters long. A 30-meter-long helipad is also available at the airport.


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