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Travel Packing List for Vietnam:

With the offering of dressing choices from a unique variety, Vietnam offers all the opportunity to choose their favorite selection for all people and travelers. The travelers of Vietnam would have the independence to wear as their Religion, Habit and Cultural background.


  • Vietnam has the most rainfall situations of its geographical aspects. A raincoat would give you secure protection while traveling during the rainy seasons. Therefore, most of the time Vietnam has rainy weather.
  • Colourful UV sunglasses to get rid of heavy sun rays. Using sunglass would allow you to have a comfortable trip there.
  • Inside Vietnam, comfortable dresses to take part in amusement activities. 
  • Pack luggage with footwear like shoes, converse, and Traditional costumes for attending occasional events.
  • Pack your luggage with ordinary Shirt-Pants like official and casual ones.
  • Wearing normal clothes would allow you to get together with this country's natives in a simple way.
  • Bring athletic outfits to take part in games.
  • Pairs of socks.
  • Underwear.
  • Wearing Vietnamese cultural dresses would make a conventional way to travel there.
  • Take T-shirts, shorts, and comfortable clothing.
  • Do not forget to pack Warm clothes, and sweaters during travel during the winter months.
  • Have an umbrella in your luggage to allow you free from unwanted rain and sunlight situations during the exploration.
  • Try on traditional clothes in Vietnam.


  • Deodorants, razors, and other related necessities are available at the store in all areas of Vietnam.
  • For lady travelers, urination materials, and sanitary napkins are available at all super shops, malls, and pharmacies in all areas of this nation.
  • Soaps, shampoos, detergents, and toilet tissues are available at departmental stores in this country.


  • Charging cables and an adapter.
  • Due to a nation of top-notch viewing aspects, Vietnam has the available modern facilities to offer worldwide travelers.
  • Vietnam has a worldwide appreciation for making the finest quality worldwide electronics.
  • Take all the necessary gadgets you need there.
  • Pack a Gamble to shoot the country's landscapes.
  • Don't forget to bring a camera, to capture excellent spectacular viewpoints there.
  • Carrying a Power bank in the backpack, allow travelers to get enough charging backups of their electrical devices in an instant.

Staying Healthy in Vietnam:

  • It is better to drink packaged mineral water to prevent water diseases.
  • Don't eat muc. Take food from hygienic eateries.
  • Avoid taking fluid foods.
  • Take some dry foods like biscuits and cakes to fill your hunger in an instant.
  • All medicines are available at all pharmacies inside Vietnam.

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Check out the best places & events in the city. Each one is worth of visiting. Experience which you never forget.


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Firstly, traveling to Vietnam would be more enjoyable for you. The best time to travel in this nation seems pleasurable within (March-April). Due to the rainy season, traveling during these months would help travelers enjoy all the views inside. Therefore, it is a great time to visit this nation to get all the pleasant activities at once.

The people of Vietnam are waiting for you. Travelers will see the most polite and helpful natives while traveling in Vietnam. Above all, the country has the most welcoming people. In addition, the country's rich cultural diversity makes the country's people offer all possibilities to all the newcomers.  As a result of world appreciation and goodwill towards the world's people, Vietnam seems great!


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